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We provide Permanent and Contract Staffing/Locum positions!


 Working With a Placements USA  Recruiter

          * Communicate regularly with your Placements USA recruiter.
This is of utmost importance!

* Be honest with your recruiter about everything. This includes any problems on past positions, any bad marks on your license, and telling your Placements USA recruiter where you have already applied for jobs in heathcare.

*Call your recruiter after each stage of the interview process. This is needed for your Placements USA recruiter to glean your
continued interest in the position and to let the job know that you are still interested.

* If you receive an offer that doesn't thrill you, don't turn it down! Call your recruiter immediately. He/She can help you negotiate.
It's always best to have a third party involved because more often than not, contract/salary negotiations between a candidate and the hiring authority can deteriorate quickly because
of the emotions involved.
Placements USA excels at negotiations!
* Our recruitment services are free for you because the client pays our fee, so feel free to use us. We are a great resource.
* Please be available for the pre-interview coaching call. This is a valuable session that will help you gain more insight into the do's and don'ts of interviewing with a particular company.
* Get involved in our candidate/client referral program. If you have a friend or co-worker who is considering changing positions,
let us know. Also, if your company is looking to fill some positions, let us know. Go to the Referrals section of our website for more info on referral incentives.

We are looking for referrals for the following:

            Nurse Practitioners - Physicians - Physician Assistants
  Nurse Management - Hospital Executives
 Hospital Directors - Hospital IT
Locum Tenens Jobs

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