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Full Service Recruitment

          Placements USA is a national healthcare jobs recruiting firm specializing in Physician Jobs, Nurse Practitioner Jobs and Physician Assistant Jobs. We perform our search assignments on either a contingency basis (If our clients don't hire our submitted candidates, we don't get paid) or on a retainer basis (When the clients pay either part or all of the fee up front). Our fee schedule is based on your location and the actual search.

          Placements USA knows that searching for the ideal employee is a time-consuming and grueling process.  Because of their long lists of daily activities, Human Resource Departments and Office Managers often don't have enough hours in a day to devote the time needed to recruit exceptional candidates.

To find just one good candidate, they may have to sift through hundreds of online resume applications (most of whom aren't even a close match for the job). Then they'll have to call them if they "appear" to be a match only to find out they don't like the hours, salary, benefits, or duties of the position.

 Before you choose a
 recruitment firm, you should be comfortable with its search and selection process. If a healthcare jobs recruiting firm relies solely on the internet healthcare job boards, it is unlikely that they will be able to source a great candidate for you. We utilize the healthcare job boards too, but we also use split fee agreements with other healthcare jobs recruiting companies, social media, associations, passive candidate calling (good old-fashioned head-hunting), healthcare jobs recruiting consortiums and our favorite . . . candidate referrals.

        Placements USA's Recruitment Process:

  Position Profile and Company Culture Assessment
 The longevity and retention of our client's new employee depends on this step. That is why it is so crucial to get a thorough job description and an insider's knowledge of our client's company culture. This is sourced best through the person to whom the future employee will report. This is NOT an attempt to usurp the HR; it's a way to alleviate some of HR's mounting job duties.

   In-Depth Candidate Screening & Interviewing
 Because we have completed the previous step,
Placements USA knows what our client wants in a candidate. Now it's time to probe the possible candidates as to what they desire in their future position and to find out what they are really like.

By this time, we already know that they are qualified, but are they really a fit for our client? How many patients are they capable of seeing per day? Are they willing to take call, work weekends, do hospital rounds? Is their spouse on board with the relocation? Does it all depend on the spouse also obtaining a position? Is this position just a stepping stone to another position?

Interview Scheduling
 We help set up the initial phone interview between our client and the candidate so that the game of "phone tag" won't be played on our client's dime.

Client/Candidate Interview Debriefs
This is where we glean the interests of the two parties.

Confidential Reference and Licensure Checks
 We perform licensing checks  BEFORE we submit a candidate to our clients. Because we have done a thorough Position Profile and Company Culture Assessment, we know what questions to ask the candidate's former supervisors and co-workers. 
We will do the reference checks for clients who want that service.

Offer and Counter-Offer Negotiations
 This step of the process has the potential to get a little sticky. In many cases a "go between" like Placements USA can help turn a negative into a positive, helping the process to continue to fruition.
We have years of negotiating experience, and we are good at it!

Client & New Employee Follow-Up
 Our follow-up is designed to gauge client and employee satisfaction with each other and to maintain our relationships with both parties.

                     What to expect from Placements USA
We will communicate with you every step of the way. We'll put all of our resources along with the resources of many other healthcare recruiting companies to work for you. We will work hard for you, and that is a promise! We will only submit top quality candidates that fit your company's culture to ensure a greater longevity at your facility.

            What Placements USA expects from our Clients
         Allow us to truly help you by giving us all of the information that we request from you. When we submit a candidate to you, give us some feedback within 48 hours. Let's face it. Clients can be their own worst enemies by allowing the resume of an excellent candidate to sit on someone's desk for a long period of time or the client can't make the time to interview the candidate. The candidate will eventually lose interest and move on. The company not only loses a possible great employee, but as more time passes with no billing provider, the company's bottom line is negatively affected.

Physician Jobs, Nurse Practitioner Jobs,
Physician Assistant Jobs,
Nurse Management Jobs, Director Jobs,
All Hospital Executive Jobs,

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Placements USA can help our clients fill these healthcare jobs!  


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