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Placements USA's Locum Tenens


*Do you need someone to cover for another employee for a
few weeks or months?
*Are you unsure whether hiring a new employee is the right action
for your organization?
*Do you need an interim Executive, Director or Manager until
you find the perfect fit for your company?
*Are you considering utilizing Nurse Practitioners and/or
Physician Assistants for the first time but are unsure of exactly
how they will contribute to your bottom line?
*Are you losing billables while waiting for a permanent employee?*

Placements USA
has your solution.

We can provide a way for companies to fill positions that are either
temporarily empty (sickness, leave or for any other reason) or for which
long-term funding is unavailable.

We can match qualified candidates with hospitals, medical
practices, etc. nationwide.

Because of the temporary nature of healthcare staffing, the salary for these
employees is somewhat higher than for the permanent employee, but in the
long run, the "try before you buy" concept can be very financially rewarding.

In some cases, these healthcare staffing employees are invited to stay
on at companies as permanent employees because the employer is already very
familiar with and likes the way the temp employees work.  If this happens,
their salaries may be renegotiated to your normal company standards.

Through our partnership with a national locum company
that has over 14 years of locum tenens experience, we can
provide the following locum services:

**Keep the candidate in play during approval process
 *Gain a commitment from candidate after client approves
 *Background check of candidate
*Credentialing the candidate
 *Assisting candidate in securing a temporary license in state of assignment
*Negotiate the terms of candidate contract, stipend and expenses
*Quality Assurance during assignment and evaluation post assignment
 *Pay the candidate weekly
 *Provide medical malpractice coverage

Have any locum tenens / healthcare staffing needs? 

Email: cyn@placementsusa.com or call: 800-407-3530


There are a great many advantages to working a healthcare staffing position.
For example, Nurse Practitioner jobs and Physician Assistant jobs in healthcare
staffing can be a great way to test out different fields of medicine until
they find their "field of dreams".

The "try before you buy" technique works well for both you and the employer.

Healthcare staffing can also bridge the gap of unemployment between
permanent positions. Suppose a Nurse Practitioner has landed a permanent position
where he/she will be moving to another state. The NP must get new state licensure
and possible multiple hospital credentialing and any other red tape associated with
that particular state and/or position. This process may take up to 3 months.
He/she has already left his/her prior position. This NP may not be able to afford to
stay unemployed for that long, and in some cases, just can't stand not being busy!

Long potential gaps of employment on your resume  can very often keep you
from getting a position and can be avoided by taking locum tenens positions. 

*A healthcare staffing /locum tenens position may just be the perfect solution.

Another added benefit for taking a
healthcare staffing position is the much
higher salary that you will receive. Because you will have to adapt far more
quickly to this temporary environment, it is only fair that you get rewarded for
your efforts.
In this economy, it's particularly important to be able to save money.

Suppose you land a healthcare staffing position that is contracted for 12 weeks,
and you absolutely hate it! Good news. You can leave after 12 weeks and not
look back. You have fullfilled your contractural obligation, and it won't hurt you
on your resume. But what if that job was a permanent position? Leaving after
only 12 weeks can hurt you dramatically and place the moniker of
"job hopper" on your head.

 On the opposite end, suppose that you love this healthcare staffing position
and wish you could stay on permanently; the job feels the same way about
you and has the funding to hire you permanently.
That's a real win-win!

Looking for a healthcare staffing position?
Email: cyn@placementsusa.com or call:

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