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Physician Assistant Jobs at Placements USA

Physician Assistant jobs recruiting is one of our specialties here at Placements USA because we believe that Physician Assistants will be the heroes in the future of our healthcare system. We think the care given to patients by Physician Assistants (within their scope of practice) far surpasses that of primary care physicians in one certain aspect of care. That aspect is their "bedside manner" Physician Assistants treat patients more like human beings even though their philosophy of care supposedly mirrors that of physicians in their healthcare jobs.

At Placements USA, we recruit Physician Assistants jobs in the following fields:
Emergency, Hospitalist, Orthopedics, Primary Care, Urgent Care, Nephrology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Neurology, All Surgical First and Second Assisting, Plastics, Dermatology, Oncology, Family Practice, Women's Health, Cardiology, Prison Medicine and more...

Physician Assistant recruiting for jobs is done in the following venues by
Placements USA:

Hospitals, Prisons, Physician's Medical Practices, Clinics, Rural Settings, Physician Assistant Owned Practices,Pharmaceutical Companies and more.

We recruit for permanent and locum tenens positions!

Placements USA has a special mission in our recruitment of Physician Assistants. We want every employer with whom we come in contact to realize the value of the Physician Assistant in their workplace. Many employers (who have PAs on staff),are attuned to your value, but there are still so very many who either feel that Physician Assistants are their competitors or don't really understand what PAs can contribute to their practices.

*A Special Note For Physician Assistant Jobs Seekers!*

Placements USA will opening our new Physician Assistant Jobs board very soon. This will be a specialized board that will only contain Physician Assistant jobs that won't leave you hanging for an answer once you have agreed to be submitted. The Physician Assistants who have been around awhile have had many experiences such as when they apply for a position on line, they are left to grow old without any response. Sound familiar? And how many times have you asked a Physician Assistant recruiter to submit you to a job...again no response. We will only post Physician Assistant jobs that will give us some response within 5 days at the very most.
As recruiters for
Physician Assistant jobs, Placements USA knows how valuable timing is in your job search. A Physician Assistant job may be pressuring you for an answer right away, but you'd like to see what another position is all about before making a decision. How can you do that if you receive no response from the second job?

Placements USA thrives on Physician Assistant Jobs recruiting!

Call 800-407-3530 to speak with a Physician Assistant recruiting specialist!

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