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Physician Assistant Recruiting By Our Physician Assistant Recruiters

The cost savings in hiring a Physician Assistant over a Primary Care Physician is over $34,000 per year for the office. This grows considerably when it's a specialty office. At Placements USA, our Physician Assistant recruiters know the value that the PA brings to the table, and we negotiate your salary for you accordingly. As we have gleaned through the years of Physician Assistant recruiting, Placements USA knows that while for some, salary is the main qualifier in taking a position, most PAs feel that job satisfaction and advancement opportunities are the main key factors.

That's why
Placements USA's Physician Assistant recruiters will interview you to find your personal motivators in accepting a new position. Also because of your very close association to your supervising physician, our recruiters try very hard to match your personality type with that physician.
Placements USA's Physician Assistant recruiters WILL NOT accept a search assignment from employers who wish to discriminate against our PAs in any fashion.

Placements USA may not have a position for you today, but keep checking back as new PA positions come to us daily. Physician Assistant recruiting and Nurse Practitioner recruiting are our specialties, and most employers know that. They contact us regularly to fill their NP/PA jobs. These employers encompass all of the healthcare venues such as hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, prisons, VA, etc. Placements USA's Physician Assistant recruiters recruit for PA jobs nationally so no matter where you want to be in the US, we can get you there, and most of the time, we can get the employer to pay your way there.

Call us! 
Let us know what and where your dream job is.  A dream is only a dream until it's realized!

New Grad PAs...Be prepared to relocate to get that first year of experience under your belt, just in case. You don't want your skills to diminish while waiting until you snag your first position. The longer you go without working, the less desirable you become to employers. That also applies to everyone with long gaps in their resumes. If you have gaps in your resume, fill them with some explanation. Don't let the employer or HR second guess at what you've been doing.

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Personal information given to Physician Assistant recruiters at Placements USA will be kept confidential and not given or sold to  3rd parties!


Physician Assistant recruiting is what we do!

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